Thursday, July 21, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Today we went to a Major League Baseball game, the nephews, the girls, the Engineer and I.  The last time I went to a MLB game was more than a decade ago.  I was not expecting to enjoy it.  I went just because the Engineer could not take the girls to the restroom and I worry about safety in a place as large as the ballpark.  But, it was just lovely.  We had a great time.  Seriously!  Highlights included:
  • we sat in the all-you-can-eat section, so we stuffed ourselves with popcorn, nachos, peanuts, hot dogs and sodas
  • we sang "take me out to the ball game"
  • we watched the kiss cam
  • we were appropriately "into" the game, that our team eventually won, in the bottom of the 11th inning!
  • Hedgehog refused to use the "stinky" restrooms, and had to "hold it" all day
  • Rascal dumped over and entire soda
  • we shelled our peanuts and threw the shells on the floor
  • stood and sang the national anthem
  • cheered like maniacs at every hit
  • took a bazillion pictures
It really wasn't that unusual of a day, for a day at the ballpark.  But, I'm hoping, that today is the kind of thing that they'll remember.  I think, too often, the memories I provide on a day-to-day basis are of me saying:
  • pick up your shoes
  • keep your hands to yourself
  • why are there socks on my couch?
  • get your hands out of your mouth
  • clean up your mess
  • go get a bath
  • use our inside voice
  • no
  • because I said so
  • that is not something we cry about
  • go get a bath, NOW
And I know, that these things are necessary to raise adults that have clean houses, good manners, good hygiene, etc., but I really hope, and really pray, that when they are grown, they'll remember that I tried to have fun with them too.  I hope they'll look back and realize that I wanted to enjoy them, and not just raise them.  And I hope that I'll be mindful enough to enjoy them, not just raise them.


  1. I'm sure they will remember these outings and events better than us one day. Great Post!

    Visiting from Mama Kat's.

  2. We took my sister's boyfriends daughter to her first Major League Game last week. I don't know what she will remember later but she will not forget the day. I love sporting events but this one was extra special.

    I am sure your kids had a blast.

  3. Think about what you remember from your parents? At least for me, I only remember a few times of nagging - the rest? Happy memories. Cheers to making great memories at the ballpark!

  4. Oh, me too! I feel exactly the same way. (It sounds like you're going a good job of it)

  5. I am with you there, sometimes it feels like I'm nothing but a drill sergeant mama, so days where we can just 'be' are awesome. This is why I am looking forward to this year's camping trip; just us and nature, we'll figure it out.

    I'm sure your kids will grow up into wonderful adults with oodles of happy memories as well.

    Great post!

  6. Your kids are going to remember the fun at the ball park and since the "nagging" goes in one ear and out the other, you have no worries. Thanks for visiting.


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