My Crazy Family

As I may have mentioned, I don't really tell people about my blog. It's kinda "my" thing. And, I don't want to have to ask permission if I want to tell a story about someone. Everyone has a pseudonym, to protect our identities, but in case you get confused:
  • The Engineer (Kevin) is the hubby. We've been married for 10+ years, and together half of his life.
  • Hedgehog is our oldest daughter. She's bright, a reader (like me), but (like me) can be emotionally prickly.
  • Monkey is our youngest daughter. She's sweet, a singer, and lots of fun unless she decides to be whiny.
  • Handsome is my sister's oldest son. He spent the first night of his life on my chest, and now, he and his brother are at my house almost every school holiday.  He's super bright, and sometimes I call him Fact Boy.
  • Rascal is my sister's youngest son. He's such a nice kid that you hate it when he drives you crazy, but it happens, A LOT.
  • The Belle Mère (Susie) is the mother-in-law.  I don't know why I used the French for mother-in-law, except that it literally translates to "beautiful mother" and I like that better than mother-in-law.  She's raised half of the world, so sometimes she's intimidating.
  • Big Poppa (Dale) is the father-in-law.  He's a big man, a hunter and fisherman.  He owns his own business, and therefore works his rear off.
  • Twin (Kyle) is the Engineer's twin brother.
  • The Tall One is one of my sister-in-laws. She's Twin's wife.  She's tall. She was an engineer before she became a full time mommy. She's fabulous, but we sometimes annoy each other.
  • Coach (Jillie) is another sister-in-law.  She's the only one of the Engineer's siblings that doesn't have a twin.
  • Tall Coach is Coach's hubby.  He's wonderful, but hugely tall (6'7").
  • Nurse (Elizabeth) is my youngest sister-in-law.  She's a nurse (obviously) and has been fabulously loud as long as I've known her.
  • Bigfoot (David) is my youngest brother-in-law, Nurse's fraternal twin.  He's a teacher and an amazing outdoorsman.
  • Nanny (Penny) was the Belle Mère's mother.  She was a strong, funny woman.  You'd have loved her!
  • Pappy (Travis) was the Belle Mère's daddy.  He was Nanny's second husband and an amazing dad and step-dad.
  • Mammaw was Poppa Bear's mom.  She had a hard time after her husband passed away far too young and was in a nursing home for most of the time I knew her.  She had a serious sweet tooth!
  • Grammy was my father's(Grummpa's) mom.  She was amazing, you can read some about her and Grampy here
  • Grumppa is my daddy.  He's super introverted, and enjoys grouching about everything.  But he loves his family like crazy.
  • Momma Bear is my mom.  She will fight a bear to defend her family, and she and Grumppa are raising my sister's boys.
  • Mimi is my mom's (Momma Bear) mom.  She terrible, debilitating arthritis and a number of other medical problems that she'll happily tell you all about. 
  • Poppi was my mom's (Momma Bear) dad.  He was a Baptist music minister and loved singing and his family.
I have a bunch more family, especially in-laws, if you can believe it. You'll meet them as needed.