Blogs I LOVE

Cake Wrecks - The grammar errors are horribly hysterical, when combined with the clever commentary daily.
Vodka Mom - She's so funny, her stories of her kindergarten friends always make me laugh, but she so brutally honest about her life too, in a beautiful way.
A Stone's Throw From Insanity - Annie is hysterical, and she taught me what to do about pesky greys (Sharpie marker - brilliant!)
Is There Any Mommy Out There? - She really has a way with words that is sometimes so poignant that you want to cry, other times so challenging, you just have to wince.
The Generous Wife - Just plain old good, common sense marriage advice.
The Reluctant Entertainer - Her blog challenges me to not be a hermit, and to be hospitable, and she has practical, applicable advice.
My Pajama Days - She writes beautifully, doesn't shy away from tough self-examination and may be looking into my own soul for inspiration.
The ScreamFree Institute - I get the ScreamFree parenting email daily, and it helps my chances of being ScreamFree, but, of course, there are no guarantees!
Lady Goo Goo GaGa - I just found her, but she is SO funny.  I will have to find time to go back and read all her older stuff.
There are more, but this is a pretty good start.