Friday, July 8, 2011


What is your definition of luxury?
  • Egyptian cotton sheets?
  • Huge flat screen TV?
  • Room service?
  • Champagne and caviar?
  • A limousine and chauffeur?
  • A maid to dust, iron and clean the ceiling fan blades?
  • Fillet Mignon?
  • Shiatsu massage?
Today, mine is this - sitting on the floor at my church's gym while the kids are gloriously occupied with skating to write in my notebook for a (mostly) uninterrupted 45 minutes!  Oh, the bliss!  Carving out little niches of time to write is difficult, much less a big chunk like this.  So they're busy with skating, either speeding back and forth perfecting their skills or just learning to make their way, wobbling around the floor.  And I, pen in hand, curl up with my notebook to write, say and dream whatever I want.

So, what's your idea of luxury?  (And if you are giving away anything from the list, send some my way, OK?)

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