Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Am Not Like the Others

Did you like that song on Sesame Street, One of These Things is Not Like the Others?  I used to, until I realized that it was completely talking about me.  My friend Kassidy and I have been talking about that a lot recently.  Whenever she calls, the kids all just go find something to do, cause they know it'll be a while.  We usually talk so long that I have to switch phones, because the battery is dying in the one I'm on.

I used to think that the song only applied with how my family related to me.  I am the one that is not like the others in my family.  Always have been.  Mom used to have to PRY books out of my hands to make me bathe.  Neither of my siblings like to read.  They both smoke and drink and party.  Me?  Well, I have an occasional drink, but even people who love me think of me as uptight and nerdy.  They've both held, and lost dozens of jobs, but I worked my way through college and kept one job after college until I married, and the next job from one week after the wedding until we left the country for the Engineer's job.

But the bigger thing is our differing attitudes towards our parents.  My parents pay my brother's and sister's bills routinely.  I would throw up if my folks had to pay my bills once, much less every single month.  And my siblings seem to believe that they are entitled to this type of treatment.  They seem to think, that my parents should pay for their bills and still give them gifts at holidays and, in my sister's case, raise her children for her.

I don't really fit with the Engineer's family either.  One reason is the physical differences.  I am short.  The Engineer is 6 foot 2, as are both of his brothers, his brother-in-law is 6 foot 7, and two of my sister-in-laws are over 6 foot tall.  The other sister-in-law is at least 4 inches taller than I am.

Also, there is the whole Engineering thing.  The Engineer, one of his brothers, one sister-in-law are all Engineers.  The other brother thought about being an Engineer.  Me?  Well, I like words, but numbers, not so much!

Kassidy has been frustrated with her family and her in-laws lately, too.  Sometimes we'll talk for the first 20 minutes about how nuts our families are, and spend at least the last 5 minutes reassuring one another that we won't become like our families.  I may not be like the others in my family, and I may not be the same as the Engineer's family, but me and Kassidy?  We are the same!


  1. So sorry if the song gets completely stuck in your head now!

  2. You are a woman of my own heart. I sing this song EVERY SINGLE TIME I get in the car after leaving my Mother's house. What IS it with people (not just family members) feeling entitled to everything? I seriously have to leave when these kinds of conversations start up between family members.

    You are amazing and also, one of a very elite club! It can make us feel very singled out when it comes to being RESPONSIBLE adults to the best of our abilities, but we will also be the ones surviving when the sh!t hits the fan.

    I'll be watching your blog to keep up with your fabulous self. :)

  3. I can totally relate to this. I am not very much like my sibling either - they are super adventureous and outdoorsy and I like books and words and writing.

    How lucky that you've found others who totally can pick up what you're putting down :)

  4. Thanks, Deidre, I am truly blessed to have my flesh and blood friends, plus blogger support too!

  5. Oh, thank you for the lovely comment! It is so hard to feel like I don't belong with my flesh and blood, but it helps with others understand. You've made my evening!

  6. Ohhh... How that is so true about being different. Even though I am a twin and yes we look a like. I am different. I think every family has a nutty one and I have to say uh... umm, it isn't me so much. I am cookie not nutty. I also can relate to the bills issues. Listen my sis. is an adult if she makes poor mistakes she has to figure it out on her own. It is for her to figure out how to fix her issues NOT you not me..Ummm I am feeling a post coming soon.

  7. So good to have a friend you can talk to. Amazing how different siblings can be given they share the same parents, isn't it?


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